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Cruise Ships

River cruising aboard a well-appointed ship is simply the finest way to travel, taking in the scenery at a gentle pace from the comfort of your floating hotel. Discovering historic cities and witnessing the stunning panoramas as you glide along your chosen river all from the comfort of your luxury ship.

A flight of stairs down, and you have all the amenities of a modern hotel — restaurants, bars, lounges, fitness facilities, spas, internet access and comfortable staterooms.

Whether admiring breath-taking views from the sun deck, dining in style in the on-board restaurant, or enjoying a drink in the bar, there’s plenty to do on board your ship. And at your ports of call you can visit must-see attractions and really get to know the local area on our shore excursions.

One of the unique benefits of river cruising is that the view from your window is constantly changing. From serene countryside to lively cities, picturesque villages to historic landmarks, there’s so much to see from the comfort of your cabin. Head up to the sun deck for the very best views – and don’t forget your camera!

Unlike large cruise liners, which can be overwhelming and impersonal, river cruise ships offer an intimate, friendly, convivial atmosphere. You’ll soon befriend your fellow travellers and helpful crew, who’ll make you feel right at home.


As you’ll visit several fantastic destinations – but only unpack your case once – a river cruise can feel like several holidays in one! There’s so much to see, and we don’t want you to miss a thing, which is why we’ve highlighted some of the best historical, cultural and scenic sights

mps Da Vinci

Luxury without the price tag - that's the ethos behind the MPS Da Vinci. 

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mps Rotterdam

A beautifully designed traditional 4-deck ship, on board you will find soft furnishings in rich colours and dark cherry tones providing an air of elegance.

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mv Esmeralda

The Danube is a beautiful river to cruise along, and what better way to appreciate this picturesque waterway than aboard the mv Esmeralda.

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mv Virginia

It’s a warm and inviting ship, perfect for the gentle Dutch waterways and the calm River Rhine. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere on board means you’re likely to make new friends once you set sail. 

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mps Amsterdam

The ship comprises of three decks with the cabins split across two of these. It also has a restaurant, a lounge/bar with dance floor, reception area, small library, souvenir shop and sun deck.

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mps Lady Anne

The mps Lady Anne is a high quality mid-range cruise vessel. The ship facilities include a restaurant, a lounge/bar with dance floor, reception hall, souvenir shop and sun deck.

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mv Lord of the Glens

All round teak-clad viewing and promenade decks, the MV 'Lord of the Glens' boasts all the sumptuousness of a classic luxury yacht.

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ms Z Shashkov

The ship features outside staterooms, with majestic views of the passing countryside; restaurant; two bars; souvenir shop; music room; dance hall; sauna and solarium.

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ms Switzerland II

Offering 4 star accommodation, you can relax among the attractive interiors and with a maximum capacity of 108 passengers, you can enjoy an intimate environment combined with the excellent service.

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ms Serenity

Accommodation for 190 passengers is split over three decks, which are all accessible by a lift. The ship facilities include a restaurant, two bars and sun deck. Excellent service and attention to detail are the priority of the captain and crew

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ms Princess

Last renovated in 2010, the ms Princess is an extremely warm and welcoming ship, which has already provided many passengers an unforgettable holiday. Whether you relax in the bar, lounge or restaurant.

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ms France

The ms France first launched in 2001 and tours the Rhine, Danube, and Seine rivers and provides passengers with a chic and stylish way to river cruise through Europe.

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ms Botticelli

The ms Botticelli was first launched in 2004 and sails the Seine, Rhone, and Garonne rivers through the French countryside.

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African Queen

The award-winning African Queen is approximately 30.5 metres with two decks. It has been beautifully converted by its owners and is one of only a handful of floating hotels that sail along the River Thames.

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 ms Alegria

MS Alegria is the ideal river cruise ship from which to experience the delightful ports of Holland and Belgium. This spacious ship boasts an attractive, contemporary design,

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mv Prinses Christina

This tastefully furnished ship includes a forward lounge on the Promenade Deck, with a dance floor and bar area, and a separate restaurant on the Cabin Deck.

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ms Michelangelo

The ms Michelangelo is the ideal ship or a river cruise on the Italian waterways, taking in the sights of Venice.

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ms Belle de l'Adriatique

Built in 2007, and boasting a stylish modern design, the MS Belle de l'Adriatique is an impressive four-deck ship with 100 stylish and comfortable cabins.

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Viking Princess

Viking Princess offers modern comfortable accommodation to give you an enjoyable Nile Cruise experience. 

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mv Chernishevsky

The MV Chernishevsky and explore the delights of Russia’s wonderful waterways, sailing from St Petersburg to Moscow. 

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