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mps Lady Anne

Cabin Accommodation

All cabins have outside views, climate control and en-suite shower facilities. Towels and soap are provided. All cabins also have safes. Hairdryers are available at reception but it is advised you bring your own. Kettles and travel irons cannot be used in the cabins and smoking is not permitted.

mps Lady Anne

The mps Lady Anne is a high quality mid-range cruise vessel that is chartered exclusively to the River Cruise Line. The ship, which was first launched in 1903, measures 70 metres long and comprises of four decks with the cabins split across three of these. The senior crew are Dutch and the crew serving the public all speak English – ensuring your needs will be efficiently catered for.

The ship facilities include a restaurant, a lounge/bar with dance floor, reception hall, souvenir shop and sun deck.


The bar is the social hub of the ship and is the perfect place to unwind and get to know your fellow travellers. It features comfortable seating and panoramic windows to enjoy the passing views. There is also a dance floor for evening fun – including the captain’s party night.! 


The fully air-conditioned restaurant is situated on the passenger deck and benefits from high windows on the vessel’s waterline.

The food served on the ship caters to British palates and includes hot and cold buffets for breakfast and lunch. The evening meal is a four-course affair with waiting service 

Sun Deck 

Enjoy the passing scenery from this open area, where you can relax on garden-style seating and sun loungers whilst the ship's crew wait on you. There is also a small souvenir shop on the Main Deck which keeps you supplied with postcards, maps and a selection of souvenirs. Stair lifts lead from the Sun Deck to the Promenade Deck, Promenade Deck to the Main Deck and the Main Deck to the restaurant area of the Passenger Deck (the stair lift does not give access to the Passenger Deck cabins).