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Dutch River Cruise Holidays

Holland is home to the world famous capital city of Amsterdam. Holland is also famous for the bulb fields and spectacular waterways,experience a vibrant blanket of colours and sweet smells sweeping across the open countryside. Visits to the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens or discover the vast number of windmills which are synonymous when you think of Holland.

To book your discounted river cruise holiday in Holland please call the operator directly and quote our unique discount code.

River cruises are a relaxing and great way of seeing fascinating cities, historic landmarks and beautiful countryside. Welcoming ships travel along some of the most scenic rivers in the world, you can enjoy historic cities, stunning scenery and quaint villages as you cruise. With so many holidays to choose from it’s no wonder that river cruise holidays are so popular.


River cruise ships are specially designed to navigate the world’s great rivers and waterways and provide passengers with hotel standard comfort and a great dinning experience. On a river cruise you need never struggle with a foreign language, decipher a map, read a road sign, or even pick up a guidebook. Just sit back and let the world glide by.